Yeah. .3. I had to ask Mum to drive to school and bring me a bag and a sweater from her place this morning, because I somehow managed to have tomatoes in a ziploc bag fall out of their ziploc bag, and evidently theyve been there for a while, because they smelled like they were rotting.. D: I dont even know how they were still in my bag, I dont really remember putting them in there, so I guess I just forgot or something. ;u; I dunno. It made my day kinda complicated though, aha. 

Jacob was also reeeally hyper today too, because he had this super potent coffee which basically has the equivalent of three large cups of Starbucks coffee in it caffeine-wise, and he had two cups of it too. xD It was really funny to watch him interact with everything and just talk in general aha, he kept flicking between being incredibly hyper and full of energy to basically normal. xD

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its after eight thirty now, and I still have to talk to Mum, so I think Ive got to get off for tonight. qoq

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! ^^ Ill try to get more written here then~ :3

Good night guys! owo